We have the experience of delivering fuel to farms for a long time, and the benefits of this experience are passed on to you, our customers.


When ordering from Bayford, you can rest assured you are getting fuel of the highest quality. Our fuels are refined to meet the highest British Standard, resulting in greater efficiency and economy.

Here is a list of the fuels we supply:

Bayford gas oil (35 second oil)

Also known as red diesel, this is used most often for commercial, industrial or agricultural use as a source of power or heating, or for non-road-use vehicles.

Bayford kerosene (28 second oil)

Primarily used as a home heating fuel.

Bayford road diesel, or DERV

If you have storage on site we can supply this fuel in bulk for your haulage or other road vehicle requirements.

Derv bunkering

For customers who make use of the CH Jones and Securicor networks, Bayford is able to immediately allocate fuel purchased into the relevant network.


Bayford is able to provide Bio-Diesel as a 95% ULSD and 5% Bio blend. This blend meets the British standard of EN590 and is supported by all engine manufacturers so warranties will remain fully valid.

We also offer an unbeatable range of lubricants for all agricultural uses. Find out more about our range of lubricants.

Bulk sales

We are able to supply bulk gas oil, kerosene, DERV and motor spirit to all locations throughout the UK. Bayford can also supply your fuel in 205 litre drums.

If you would like advice on any fuel or lubricant related issues, contact your local Bayford office and speak to one of our trained staff. We’ll be delighted to help.