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Premium Kerosene

Premium kerosene is a high performance product brought to you by Bayford Oil. It brings significant benefits to you, the consumer, by helping to maintain a cleaner heating system and increasing the efficiency of your boiler. It also lessens the impact on the environment.

Optimises burner performance

Deposits in the tank and boiler, sludge and micro-biological contamination all occur naturally where fuel is stored and burned, and these negatively affect the performance of your system, as the burners can become partially blocked. By treating this contamination through the use of a biocide, premium kerosene helps your burner to operate as it was designed to.

Cleans up sludge

Premium kerosene contains powerful dispersants that break up the sludge into smaller particles, so they pass through the filter and are burned off. This also reduces black smoke and lowers carbon/CO2 emissions.

Protects your fuel system/Inhibits system corrosion/Reduces fuel degradation

Corrosion inhibitors and metal deactivation agents lessen the formation of rust inside the system and reduce the degradation of the fuel, which can be caused by the interaction with metals in the fuel system. Premium kerosene helps to rectify these problems from the first time it is used. The main benefits are seen over time, as the positive effects of the agents within the fuel accumulate. Continued use of the fuel will help to prevent future problems.

Reduces fuel related service problems

During independent tests over an eight-month period, systems using premium kerosene benefited from a significant reduction in service calls and breakdowns caused by fuel related issues.

More efficient heating/Improved fuel economy

Independent assessments suggest that the efficiency of a boiler serviced once a year can degrade by 20-30% between services. This degradation is at least partly due to the build up of deposits inside the boiler and on internal ‘post-burner’ surfaces. The result is reduced thermal heat transfer, increased fuel consumption and higher CO2 emissions per energy output unit. As described above, premium kerosene is designed to address these issues, and so the ‘between-services’ degradation on the efficiency of the boiler is significantly reduced.

Better for the environment

Using premium kerosene means your system will suffer from fewer deposits on your burner and heat transfer surfaces. This reduces emissions of black smoke, particulates, carbon and CO2. The likelihood of fuel spills (for instance through burst seals) due to micro-biological contamination, is equally reduced. Finally, the system will be generating more heat from each unit of fuel consumed, so that less fuel is needed to generate a similar effect.