Working in the oil sector we never ignore the impact the way we work has on the environment and we continually strive to operate as responsibly as possible.


By constantly revising and raising our environmental standards, Bayford is fully committed to minimising the impact our activities have on the world around us.

What we’re doing

We have a company Environmental Representative who is responsible for reviewing our current practices in relation to the environment, establishing best practice and recommending ways we can improve our procedures.

One example of our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our activities is the use of barges to transport fuel. Presently Bayford barges approximately 80 million litres of fuel per annum. This is equivalent to 5,000 return truck journeys per year. In addition we are currently involved in a rail project in Halifax aimed at removing a further 1,000 truck journeys from the roads.

We also aim to ensure the products we use and supply are as green as they can be. We have been distributing for more than four years now, and are pioneers in GlobalDiesel (local rapeseed) and used cooking oil. All Gulf petrol in the southeast is 5% ethanol.

We're also encouraging our staff to adopt a green approach in their working environment, with initiatives including:

  • Reducing electricity usage by using time delay switches
  • Turning off all computers and monitors when they are not being used
  • Paper recycling, with some of our local offices already recycling all their cardboard and paper
  • Bayford’s Environmental Policy is reviewed frequently and underpins everything we do.

Click here to see our full Environmental Policy Statement