We can do much more for your company than just deliver fuel. At Bayford we pride ourselves on helping our business customers improve their fuel management.

Fuel management

We understand that fuel forms a significant part of any businesses’ overheads, so we aim to do much more than simply supply your fuel. We have drawn on our experience gained over the years to help many businesses improve their fuel management.

The knowledgeable staff in each of our offices can offer you help and expert advice with:

  • Optimising fuel deliveries and timing
  • Fuel costs
  • Payment plans

Bayford staff can also provide information about lubricants and storage facilities, including storage regulations. An understanding of storage regulations is essential for any company operating in the UK, as this ensures your business runs efficiently, safely and on the right side of the law.

Bayford also offers the Signalman, which is a revolutionary fuel tank monitoring device. Its benefits include:

  • Regular automated level check
  • Automatic ordering
  • Easy payment through Direct Debit
  • Peace of mind… knowing you will never run out of fuel again!