What really sets us apart from our competitors are the expertise we offer our business customers through a range of specialist services.


Planning for every eventuality is simply good business practice. If you have an interruptible gas supply contract and you need to switch from your regular gas supply to your back-up fuel source, Bayford can help ensure you’ll be able to do it quickly and with the minimum amount of hassle.

Bayford is a major supplier of gas oil as an interruptible back-up fuel and it’s this, together with our reputation for excellence of service, that makes us the supplier of choice for some of the biggest organisations in the country.

We are currently the contracted gas interruptible supplier for the many NHS Trusts and other businesses, mostly operating in the core interruptible regions of Northern and South-East England.

These customers know that if the call from their regular gas supplier comes, they can rely on Bayford for their alternative fuel supply – not least because of our large road transport fleet, which allows us to react at short notice to interruptible fuel requests.