At Bayford we’ve been helping keep homes warm for over 80 years.

Products and Services

Most oil central heating systems in the UK run on kerosene. Some older systems use gas oil, also known as red diesel. At Bayford we are happy to arrange the delivery of these products to your home, as we do to hundreds of homes every week around the north of England and North Wales. We also stock a brand new kerosene called premium kerosene which can be used in any heating system that uses kerosene.

When you order oil from Bayford, you can be sure you're ordering the best quality home heating oil. We guarantee Bayford's home heating oil is refined to meet the highest British Standards. Not only does this mean greater efficiency and economy, but it will also extend the life of your heating system.

If you are new to heating oil, we realise there is a lot to consider and it can at first appear quite confusing. If you would like to find out more read the New to heating oil? page within this section.

We also provide a range of other services to help with your home heating management.

  • Signalman is an automatic oil monitoring system, which allows us to monitor your fuel tank level, and automatically schedule in a delivery when you are running low 
  • The Bayford Oil Payment Plan allows you to spread the cost of your home heating oil over a number of months
  • Bayford Oil also offers advice and information on oil storage and how to best manage your oil tank
  • Our products and services include home heating oils such as kerosene, gas oil and premium kerosene.