At Bayford we’ve been helping keep homes warm for over 80 years.


With Signalman we aim to ensure you don't run out of fuel again!

Signalman from Bayford is a revolutionary oil tank gauge, which automatically sends a signal to our office via your phone line. This allows us to monitor your oil supply for you, so you no longer have the inconvenience of checking your tank and ordering when levels are low.

With Signalman, buying oil becomes hassle free and gives you peace of mind, knowing that Bayford are looking after your home heating fuel supply for you.

Frequently asked questions

The following are some of the common questions that we are often asked about our Signalman system:

Q - Do I have to call you when my oil is low?
A - No. We will deliver automatically once the Signalman reports your tank has reached its reorder level.

If you are interested in Signalman, contact your local Bayford office for more information or complete the Signalman enquiry form.